How To Begin Our Partnership

We will analyze your project needs and establish terms to support a partnership with OutPerform Global Solutions

Partnership Engagement

After our proposal and terms are accepted, we will analyze our available staff and market resources. We verify all background checks and test the aptitude of the candidates to ensure they are a good fit for your project. Your team members will have an opportunity to interview from our available resources to confirm they are the best candidate for your project. We understand the right resources are important in making a team successful. We offer no risk and no cost to find them.

We are legally responsible for the employees in the Philippines. All employee contracts are reviewed by our legal team and finalized by our management team. We will supply office equipment and comfortable facilities for our resources to perform their work assignments. Each employee is provided a network of industry specialists in the Philippines to ensure quality and agreed upon delivery dates are met. Our managers will provide oversight for the overall work delivery and engagement. Our leadership is responsible for operational management, office infrastructure, payroll, recruitment and human resources. This approach allows your staff to focus on client needs, meeting business goals and growing your business.


Our analysis shows that, based on typical business needs, leveraging our resources can save about 60% to 80% in operational costs.

Rates are based on the resource’s knowledge, skills and experience. We have a variety of pricing options ranging from a simple monthly fee to hourly rates based upon the role. No matter how the fee is structured, we ensure it covers salary, benefits, operational and management expenses.